Training Plan

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BUTT - Welcome to Fall 2018! 

1. Have fun. It’s imperative to have fun and make sure the others around you are also having fun, so help spread it.

2. Be consistent. Show up to practices. There is no secret sauce for improvement, success and avoiding injury than being consistent to training. I know some days are colder,  and the bed is just perfect but you will feel that much better after a good workout with the team

3. Be honest to your fitness level. In the team environment you will find all different levels of swimmers, bikers and runners. It’s okay to push yourself when is time for it, but please don’t join the group doing a 20 miler run if you haven’t run in 2 months. (Same applies to swim and bike)

4. Be involved/ engaging. Part of joining a team/ or club team is the benefit and access to the social events/ team meetings and races and more. Get to know everyone, make friends and participate as much as you can. You will likely to find out that #1 #2 #3 (above) will work out to be a lot more natural once you apply #4

5. Be Welcoming and a great team player. Offer everyone a sense of belonging. Likely we will have new members come in and you might find yourself swimming, biking, running or socializing with folks you never met before. Easy way to overcome that, smile and say hi! Let’s make sure everyone feels welcome!

6. Ask questions. If in doubt ask questions. Being part of the team, you have a great support team from seniors, and the folks that have been doing this a bit longer. Knowledge will help you not only make better decisions but will likely make you sound like a PRO. I am also available anytime you need. Just txt, call or email.

Last but not least, if you got injured during the break, or are returning from an injury please reach out to me directly so we can review the best plan to resume training.