Senior Recognition---Will Chen

March 27, 2018

One of his best moments was when he broke 30 minutes on his 5k during the Jingle Bell Run back in December. He originally started out with a 36 minute 5k run 4 months ago. In less than 2 months, he also beat his 10km indoor time trial time by 6 minutes at Sunday’s Race Mania. The secret sauce? It is the assiduous and consistent effort that he has expended day in and day out since he joined the team in the fall.

Meet Computer Engineering Senior, William Chen.


He originally joined the team to get away from the rigors of the engineering courses, and to elevate his physical fitness. Specifically, he wanted to work on his aerobic fitness, which he considered to be one of his weaknesses. “So far, I have definitely reduced the stress on myself from academics, and I’ve made progress on the endurance front, but I am constantly seeking improvement on my cardiovascular fitness.”

Triathlons do demand a lot from its participants, challenging them to push their limits everyday. For Will, it has helped him evaluate his strength in the swim and his weakness in the run. It allows him to optimize his training to draw the “big picture” of multi-sport racing. "Furthermore, as an engineer, I’ve been intrigued in the science behind improving my fitness, from nutrition to biomechanics."

As his time as a member on the team begins to approaches the finish line, he has some great advice to share with those who struggle with finding the motivation to train:
“Even when academics and life seem to get busy, my suggestion is to be consistent about going to practice (or making it up if you miss it). It definitely feels physically and mentally better, and keeps things from spiraling out of control.”


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