Senior Recognition---Rebecca Salamone

March 20, 2018

​​​Readers, it is an honor to present for you another outstanding senior member, Rebecca Salamone (CAS'16, Neuroscience), who has been on the team since her first year. Rebecca was an avid athlete in high school, and hoping to extend that element of her life to college, she met the BUTT. Four years of training have been strenuous at times when limits have to be overcome and pain endured, but with pain comes with moments of epiphany as well.


To swim against current, to bike through rolling hills and roaring wind, and finally to run through muddy path, it is at the moment when one crosses the finish line that all the pain becomes worthwhile. Such has been Rebecca's journey during the Hyannis Sprint Triathlon where not only did she meet Sarah Savoy (current Vice President) but also realize how challenges previously deemed impossible could be achieved with her will put to them. Racing has allowed Rebecca to appreciate her body and be mindful of stress symptoms, as she deeply understands how essential a well conditioned body can benefit her performance at race and in daily life. It was also with such fortitude that Rebecca completed other events such as half marathons. 


What the BUTT has been able to offer to Rebecca is, according to her, a welcoming and supportive ambient to which she can always return no matter how busy she gets with school and life. Perhaps that is the beauty of the BUTT; at the end of the day, there is always a home of like-minded, stubbornly competitive athletes who support each other throughout their life pursuits. Let us wish Rebecca the best of fortune in her future endeavors! 

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