Winter Can't Stop us Now

January 15, 2018

Winter training can be tough, even brutal sometimes, when the cold and unpredictable weather hits Boston. To mitigate the toughness, it's important to remember to take a day off or two, or a week, and to have fun. It is the off-season for majority of triathletes, so this is the prime time to explore many other activities. Amidst the break from university life in the past few weeks, some of the BUTTs kept up their winter training, and many had an adventurous break. We had BUTTs travelling up the Rockies and flying down them on skis; a few had hiking and caving adventures; and many enjoying their days off from classes and training. Here's a quick recap from the past couple of weeks of winter break from a few of our fellow members:


(The link to the article is here:


Coming up this winter season we have lots of events and races to look forward to. All of the BUTTs return from all corners of the world to Boston and start training together on January 18th. On January 27th, CrimsonBikes will be hosting their first indoor training ride from 11:30 to 1:30, with 2 one hour sessions. Feel free to stop by the shop in Cambridge and say hello or sign up to ride on CrimsonBikes' Facebook page. February will hit with the announcement of the BUTT Nationals Team, followed by the Boston Triathlon Team's Indoor Time Trial on February 11th, and our annual participation in the Hyannis Marathon/Half-Marathon/Marathon Relay/10K on February 24th-25th. The BUTTs will be participating in RaceMania's Indoor Triathlon and attending their awesome expo on March 25th. In April, some members will be racing West Point's duathlon on April 7th, and the Nationals Team will be flying down to Alabama for USAT's 2018 Collegiate Club Nationals which will be on April 27th and 28th. 


Stay up to date with the BUTTs training and adventures through this blog or through our social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). 


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