Cambridge Half Conquered by 14 BUTTs

November 24, 2017

The blistering cold fall/winter weather decided to give New England a bit of a break on November 19th by blessing the race with warmer weather and some occasional downpours. This year, many BUTTs decided to conquer the Cambridge Half Marathon, mostly so they could get the cool jackets that came in the registration package. After training at least 6 weeks for the half, 14 BUTTs made it across the finish line in spectacular fashion. Some members like Merissa Brousseau and Nico Lopez, PR'd and others, like Aaronn Gu, Sarah Savoy, and Danielle Letsche , finished their very first half! We had alumni members join as well, including Nick Wendel, who finished with a whopping 1:17:25!


                                                                                          Some the BUTTs posing for a funny photo after the race


Congratulations everyone and we hope you all stuffed yourselves with glorious Thanksgiving food!

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