Strong Season Finish by the BUTTs

October 16, 2017

It has come: the end of the season. And, per usual, the BUTTs ended it with style.  


Cruising through Westchester

The NECTC season championship race this year wasn't at Westchester, but the race still remained as one of the top conference races to attend. Five BUTTs, Merissa Brousseau Evan Kristiansen, Caitlin Lavery, Sarah Savoy and Lindsey Wilcox, spent some long van hours driving to the race. Caitlin unknowingly signed up for the athena division, but she flourished and finished 2nd in her group! Evan and Sarah both set personal records for the overall Olympic distance, Evan with a time of 2:49:19 and Sarah with the time of 3:14:42. Lindsey came in behind Evan at 3:04:42, and Merissa wasn't far behind Sarah at 3:20:03. Awesome work BUTTs!


Photo credit: Lindsey Wilcox 

Mighty BUTTs Crushing it at MightyMan NECTC Championships


Lindsey, Merissa, and Sarah return to Long Island along with Anna Shveshkeyev to conquer the last race of the season: NECTC Champs. A few team members weren't able to make it to the race due to injuries, but they are currently being treated by our fantastic athletic trainers at BU. Just a few days prior to the race weekend, the new BUTT tri suits came in, giving the racers a chance to show off the new kit!


The swim was cancelled a few days prior to the race due to unsafe levels of blue algae in the pond. So, the race became a duathlon: a 1.9 mile/3km run (replacing the swim), 24.9 mile/40 km bike, and a 6.2 mile/10km run. The goal of all four athletes was to do their best and have a great time doing it. It turned out that everyone's best landed the women's team in 4th place overall for the race. In addition to the team podium, Anna ran her best race thus far and finished on the podium in 3rd with a time of 2:17:30. Lindsey was the next BUTT to finish with a time of 2:37:04, then Merissa not far behind at 2:45:53, and Sarah right behind Merissa at 2:47:29. #GoBUTTs !


Photo Credits: Lindsey Wilcox, Anna Shveshkeyev, Sarah Savoy



Final Season Standings


Since all of the racers did so well this past season, the women's team snatched 2nd place in the season overall! Well done everyone!


Special thank yous to NECTC organizers for a smooth running season, CrimsonBikes for sponsoring our team, BU Club Sports for helping us get to the races, the athletic trainers who work with our injured athletes, and to our awesome Coach Breno for pushing us beyond our limits!


Photo Credit: Sarah Savoy



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