A SPLASHing Good Time and the Weekend Buzz

September 19, 2017

SPLASH 2017 came and went, and it went spectacularly well! We had so many people come by our booth to talk to us about triathlons, duathlons, cycling, swimming and so much more. A very special thank you to Merissa, Lindsey, Anna, and Caitlin who spent many minutes on the trainers throughout the 2.5 of the event. (To be perfectly honest, it was an excuse for them to get their long bike workout in.)


To top it off, we had a record number of people signing up on our email list since we formed the team. We are so excited to see many new faces on the team this year. If you couldn't make it out to SPLASH but you still want to join the team, reach out to one of the officers on the "Contact" page or on our Facebook page!


 In more recent news, the team raised funds from the Blaze Pizza Fundraiser Night on Friday. We also had a pupper named Dobby also supporting us spiritually throughout the night!! Thank you, Blaze, for hosting the fundraiser, and a very special thank you to everyone who mentioned our team or showed the flyer at the register. Without you all, we wouldn't thrive as a team! 




This past Sunday, 16 people were up before the crack of dawn to get ready to head down to Max Performance's Buzzards Bay sprint triathlon and duathlon. Oksana Chubrikova and Paula Hernandez braved the high waves in the swim leg in the triathlon, while Heidi Santa-Cruz sped through the duathlon. Now you may be wondering what the other 13 people doing up so early? Well, they decided to give back to the community by volunteering at the race! Stationed in transition checking bikes in and guiding people through, leading the groups to the start of the swim, and handing out bottles and checking times at the finish line, you couldn't go through the race without running into a BUTT in a bright yellow-orange shirt! 




Now this weekend will be our second to last triathlon race weekend of the season. Currently 5 BUTTs, Merissa Brousseau, Lindsey Wilcox, Evan Kristiansen, Caitlin Lavery, and Sarah Savoy, will be heading down to Westchester for an olympic triathlon. Wish them the best of luck!






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