Mid-Summer's Update

June 30, 2017

July is just around the corner and the BUTTs are immersed in their summer training and racing. We have members travelling up north to the White Mountains in NH and across the Canadian border by Niagra Falls. Awesome work to all of the BUTTs, racers and those-in-training!


This past weekend, four of our members, Ellen Witkowski, Andy Fisher, David Sutherland, and Coach Breno Melo, raced the White Mountain Olympic Triathlon! Ellen won first overall for the women, David won first in his division, and Andy came in second in his!


                                                                                                                      Andy, Ellen and David at White Mountain Tri


Backtracking to the weekend before last, four other BUTTs decided to make the crazy journey across the Canadian border to run in the Niagra Ultra. While none of them actually did the ultra (regardless of what the sweatshirts' sleeves say), Lindsey Wilcox, Merissa Brousseau and Kathryn Neuhardt completed the half marathon, and Anna Shveshkeyev came in 1st in her division for the 10km race.


                                                           Lindsey, Merissa, Kathryn, and Anna proudly standing with their finisher's medals after a long race day


All in all, the team had an awesome month of June. Next up, we've got the Mass State Triathlon. Stay tuned on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for more updates!


As always, Happy Training! And also have a wonderful fourth of July everyone!


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