"We are the Champions, My Friends" Year-End Recap

May 22, 2017

This is it! We have finished the season with a bang! Last weekend we braved the weather at New England Season Opener triathlon, excuse me, duathlon. Then, later in the evening we had a "funeral" for our four graduating seniors, Lindsey, Austin, Kathryn and Kyle. These four have moved onto greener pastures. 


                                                                                                     Team Dinner at Bertucci's

                                                                                             Our seniors cycling towards Graduation



If you want to check out the results for the each of the races, head on over to the results page and you'll able to see all of our winter/spring results for 2017!


We had a spectacular winter/spring season. At Hyannis, we had BUTTs doing the 10K, half-marathon, and two marathon relay teams!




The BUTTs also killed it at the Bentley Swim Meet, with several top three finishes by Caitlin, Kyle and Anna! (Action Swim Photo Credit to the Bentley Swim Meet Coordinators!)


                                                                                                                   Team Photo!

                                                                                                  Caitlin killing it at breaststroke!

                                                                                                              Kyle in the IM

                                                                                              Anna diving into the 100 yd Freestyle

                                                                                   Lindsey catching some air during the 100yd Freestyle

                                                                                         Kickboard relay teams standing by on deck

                                                                                Sarah doing an awesome job during the tarzan relay

                                                                                           Just catching Kathryn's backstroke start

                                                                                                 Coming down the stretch with Ricky

                                                                     Danielle (Last lane) and Lindsey (First lane) coming off the blocks together


Our Race-Mania team relays did a spectacular job during the weekend following the swim meet. Everyone crushed it!


                                                                            Mile Team Relay (from Left): Austin, Merissa, Kathryn, Lindsey

                                                                             Swim Relay Team (from Left): Sarah, Lindsey, Anna, Caitlin

                                                   Indoor 10km Time Trial (front row, from left): David and Ellen; (back row, from left): Kathryn and Anna


Nationals was definitely the top priority for seven BUTTs: David, Kyle, Lindsey, Kathryn, Sarah, Anna and Caitlin. For Kyle, it was first ever triathlon! Anna also finished her first ever Olympic distance triathlon. Everyone finished in one piece and alive, after the weather-gods were a bit more forgiving than we expected them to be. Heat training really does pay off!


And finally NE Season Opener! Here the weather-gods decided we needed 45 degrees and rain. Thankfully, the race coordinators cancelled the swim to reduce our chances of hypothermia, and turned the triathlon into a duathlon! We had so many new multi-sport athletes show up and brave out the weather. Congrats to Erin, Ricky, Danielle, Merissa, Hannah, and Morgan for finishing their first multi-sport endurance event!


                                                                                                       NE Season Opener Team!


Of course, we couldn't have do it all without our awesome coach, Breno, who has pushed us at every step of the way.




Our team also killed it on the volunteering front, during Try-a-Tri and Global Days of Service. We had a great turnout for try-a-tri and everyone had a fun time!


                                                                                                              Our Volunteers!

                                                                                              Everyone showing off their muscles!


Four of our BUTTs helped out during Global Days of Service, raking up leaves and doing a bit of yard cleaning.




All and all, we couldn't have asked for a better way to end the season. Now with summer kicking it into full gear, we're gonna be loading up on base miles, food and some sleep before the fast approaching fall season knocks on the door. 


P.S. Keep on eye out for something new and awesome! We'll make announcements once they'll come around!

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