Team Sponsors

Skratch Labs has always brought the best performance and every-day hydration solutions, and they're made from...well scratch! We are proud to be their ambassadors and to represent their products and values! Check out their products by clicking their logo.

Since 2001, Xterra has been making some of the best and fastest wetsuits in the world, helping triathletes strive to achieve their personal bests. Thank you Xterra for creating our flow to success! 

Rudy Project designs and manufactures performance-oriented helmets, sunglasses, goggles and Rx/prescription eyewear solutions by applying advanced science, cutting-edge technology and innovative aesthetics. Come to any BU Tri race and see us sporting their sunglasses and helmets. Thank you Rudy Project for helping us go fast and look good!

Want to become an official BU Triathlon Sponsor? Use the "Contact Us" form  here!